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  1. Bob Stockman

    Nice work.

  2. Meagan, wonderful work, you are so right about equipment, it’s the thinking that goes into the picture that’s important not having the most expensive camera..

  3. Juan Gabriel Becerra

    nice!!!! i wanna this pictures for my wallpapers :3 please add a wallpaper category! you are amazing!

    • Juan, Thank you very much! I will be adding wallpaper downloads very soon, so keep an eye out 🙂

  4. Laura

    I adore your work! Your photos are so evocative,ethereal and mysterious. My middle sister is mesmerized by the moon,so I shared your link with her,as well as my eldest sister. I just heard from the eldest and she loved your art as well. Terrific job!

  5. LoriAnne

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! I’m new to photography and I have all these ideas but not much knowledge. Did you find any sources ie. books,websites etc., that were of help to you when you started out? My girls are growing & will soon leave the nest & I’m wanting to do a good job on documenting the time I have left till I’m an empty nester. Who knows, maybe in a few years I may have grandbabies to photograph! Your photographs are so inspiring!

  6. Amazing imagination and creativity! I love all of your images. Did you purchase any pre-sets for Lightroom? Or did you just create some of your own? Or?

  7. Dudley

    Your art work simply speaks to me. Love the fact you use a modest camera in your process. Wonderful mastery of post production.

  8. Absolutely stunning!!

  9. rosy

    gorgeous! how Wonderful to come across such lovely photos by accident. Thank you for posting them

  10. Laura

    Absolutely stunning images, just wow!

  11. Karim

    Such a dreamy pics…
    Good luck Mrs.Blaizer

  12. Steven

    Came across your site from an article that was shared to me.

    Love the scapes. Are any of them available to purchase?

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Rose McConchie

    Hi Megan
    Thanks for sharing your work with us all. Wonderful images and great use of the light. I belong to a photography club here in NZ and we have local and national competitions. I was using a digital SLR but now of all my images are taken on a Cason SX50. (and I do well in comps at a local level but not so much with the ‘big boys’) I did also have a Panasonic Lumix zoom which was also great. We do a bit of travelling to the Pacific Islands and due to concerns about sand and surf and just for weight issues, I have been using a ‘point and shoot’. We can get a little precious in the photography world about expensive gear can’t we. Yes I would love to have a mega zoom lens for bird photos etc, but can get some good ones on my current x50 so will keep going until finances are better.
    Thank you again – I will share your site with my fellow photo club members. Keep up the great work 🙂

  14. Keith Wilkerson

    I LOVE your website, Meagan! I’m VERY excited to see what is going on in your career as a professional photographer! As I have said before, you have an AMAZING way of stirring many emotions with your photographs and I thank you! I pray that God will bless you and your handsome son Boston daily and I see greater things ahead! You have my support and encouragement my friend!

  15. Abel

    Hi Meagan,

    You have beautiful and amazing work. It is inspiring and I am blown away.

    I wanted to know if you use post processing on your images. If so, what.


  16. The photo 22 looks like at the bridges of Madison County. I like your work.

  17. Kathy Ferguson

    Hey Meagan, congrats on all the attention over last few weeks so very well deserved! Been a fan for awhile now on 500px, loved the article, by the way and as always your pictures are simply Gorgeous!! Personally, I think you should get brand deals from Canon, Lightroom and Photoshop. You would be a great ambassador for any or all 3 of them!!! And I can’t wait for the tutorials! Website looks Great!! Cheers.

  18. saeed mahmoodi

    wow :0

  19. Ruth Kenyon

    You certainly create some lovely photos and make a great point about it being the person not the camera which makes great shots. I work in a college where we teach young people on photography courses ; have you ever thought about putting up tutorials to help understanding about your thoughts on composition and editing?

  20. Mj

    Only a true Photographer can get these photos
    Thank You And Good Luck

  21. wow, such a terrific work, meagan! i’m a huge fan of your stunning photography. as i’m new to photography i’d love to read any tutorials about your excellent processing or where to find those.
    thank you so much.
    look forward to your replying.

    all the best,

  22. Bill Patterson

    Excellent article on the Kelby site. It led me directly to your site and the pictures were outstanding. I immediately thought “By the light of the silvery moon ” when viewing the first picture.

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